Sunday, February 7, 2016

Covered Tin and Quilt top

I've been buying these Frivol tins. They are cute and I figured they could be a little useful. Plus, of course, the fabric is Moda. I pretty much followed a tutorial from Moda. Moda Tin tutorial I covered one this morning. They're just nicer to use this way. You could cover any type of tin, just by measuring.

Just measure around the tin and cut 1/8" inside to cover. Cut piece of batting the same size and glue to one side. I just used Elmer's glue stick.
I just used a spaghetti box for the sides because it's more flexible. 
Measure sides of tin around with measuring tape and add 6-8".Tape the pieces together. Glue batting to this strip. Then for both the bottom and the side strip, cut fabric 3/4" wider. I used double sided tape on the back sides of the strip, right along the edge. Then wrap the fabric around and stick to the back. 
Using wonder clips, fit the sides and cut the connecting piece1/2" longer. I used a cute ribbon to connect them using double sided tape. It came out pretty cute. 
Here's another one I made previously.
Also, here's a picture of one of the Frivols quilt top I just recently completed. I wanted a runner for the top of my computer desk.
This was a lot of little pieces and it took me longer than I originally envisioned.  I will make a post when I have it quilted.