Sunday, April 3, 2016

Finished Table runner

I finished one more item on my First Quarter list that I posted here. So that makes a total of 2 (wow) finishes. The quilts will have to move on to the next quarter.

This table runner I am using on the top of my computer desk. I think it turned out cute. This a Frivol and I chose to sew the mini blocks. This has 95 blocks and it was sewing a lot of half-square triangles. It was getting quite tedious sewing the tiny blocks. But hey it's done.

Photo of some of the blocks.

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Fussy Cut Long fabric

When I was trying to fussy cut this long fabric, it took me quite a while, so I thought I'd give some hints.
For the sides of this bag that I am sewing, I needed them to be 6" X 42".
Plus, I wanted the Pirates emblem to be facing up around the sides of the bag, so I finally figured to fold him right down the nose. Then open up and place the fold on an inch line and then I cut 3" on both sides.
Also, I wanted both sides of the bag to have the Pirates facing the correct way (instead of one side being upside down), so I pieced them together directly in the middle at the bottom with 1/4" seam. 

Also, wanted to show you the pins that I use to apply the interfacing.
If you use these "button-head" pins, you can iron right over top of them and they do not melt. I place my pressing cloth right on them and spray water to adhere the interfacing. That way the interfacing does not shift underneath. 
By the way, Pirates Home Opener was today and they won. I'm a Pittsburgh Pirates fan and I want a bag to carry for the Summer. I love being able to sew items and I can make them just the way I want to.
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