Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Q3 FAL List

I only completed 2 projects from my Q2 Finish-along list. Following is my Q3 FAL list:
This quilt I have been working on is First on my list to complete.
Going on the list, but I'm not sure I will get this completed. So cute, though.
One more quilt. I do have the quilt top approximately 1/3 complete. Maybe I can finish this one before the end of September. I'd like to.
This is an old Christmas quilt top that a friend gave me. Not a lot of work to finish it. Just need to set my mind to it.
I want to sew a mini from this book. I purchased a stand and I have plenty of fabric to complete one. 
Maybe one or both of these minis. If I get the chance to work on them, I would like to.
7.) The next Bag I would like to sew is Swoon Vintage Donna. Donna Vintage bag by Swoon
I have the pattern, but I haven't decided on the fabric yet. 
8.) Rainbow Clutch from Anna Graham's book Handmade Style I have the book and I would like to sew this clutch. 
9.) Another Poolside Tote also from Anna Graham. I've made one and would like to sew another one. 
10.) Apple Pouch from Playful Little Paper-Pieced Projects. I have this book and have been wanting to sew it. It is on the cover, in the upper left-hand corner. So cute!
11.) I want to complete one or more frivols. As you can see, I have collected the whole year's worth; however, I have only completed one so far, which is here Frivol #3 Finished
12.) 2 Pillowcases for my son for his Birthday. I haven't bought the fabric yet, but will get to that. I always use tutorials from All People Quilt: Free Pillowcase Patterns 
13.) 2 Pillowcases for my own bed. Still need to purchase fabric for this, too.
14.) I might get time to sew the Walkabout Pattern from StudioKatDesigns. I purchased the pattern a while back and would like to make it.
15.) Basil Wall Hanging. I made the Oregano Wall Hanging here Oregano Post. I purchased both of these a while back and would like to sew the Basil one and then hang them both. I need to find Basil amongst my stash and get it done.
16.) If I get the chance to sew one of these pillows, that would be a nice edition to my living room.
17.) I might make one or two of Clover and Violet's The Phoebe Phone Case.
18.) Possibly, I might sew Patchwork Napkins by GenX Quilters . I purchase this pattern quite a while back, but keep forgetting I have it to sew them. I'd like to get a set done.
19.) I might sew Sophia Pouch by Svetlana. I've had this pattern for a while and have not sewn it yet.
20.) This Eve Clutch by ChrisWDesigns. Another pattern that I've had for a while. I do need a clutch.

Of course, I won't get many of these done, but I have them on a list now so that I can refer to and decide what I need to sew the most. Linking up my Q3 FAL List Q3 FAL at A Quilter's Table