Thursday, April 6, 2017

Quarter 2 Goals

I actually forgot about the Quarter 1 Goals link up. Oh, well, I think I only finished one from my original list anyway. Following are my Quarter 2 Goals:

1.) #9 Frivol Small Table Quilt
2.) Dash in the Box quilt.
3.) One of these Baskets to use on our Camper.
4.) This quilt still needs the binding added. So that should be easy.
5.) I would like to sew this Baggalista to use when I go camping.
6.) Finish this Frivol. I do have it started.
7.) I would like to sew this apple pouch. Maybe I will get it done.
8.) One or both of these Minis.
Linking up my Q2 Goals. Q2 Finish Along at She Can Quilt

Dash in the Box Blocks

For my April OMG, I would like to finish the remainder of the blocks for this quilt.
I think this is a unique geometric-shaped quilt, so I am sewing this for my son. I have one set of the blocks sewn and would like to finish the rest for the quilt top by the end of the month. 
I am using very similar colors as this magazine pattern. I think my son will like it for his couch.