Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tshirt Quilt Finished!

This is my project since about January - tshirt quilt for my nephew, Sean. Sorry the photo is not the greatest. I took it on our pool table.
Sean graduated on Saturday, May 30 and I gave it to him then. My sister asked me to make this for him back in the Fall. When she showed me a photo of a tshirt quilt, it looked easy. But this was more work than I envisioned. First of all, I wasn't even thinking about interfacing the back of the shirts. But that was easy enough. Then to make sure the blocks are centered. Sometimes that's a little difficult because some of the shirts have a lot of space and some have very little.

I basically followed a pattern in a "Quilts 'N More" magazine I had. I think it turned out ok. Sean seemed to like it.
Here's a close up of one of the blocks. I think this block turned out pretty nice. The Spirit Band was one shirt and the C Band was another shirt. I just added more of the blue tshirt to the sides of the C Band and than added it to the Spirit Band shirt. The corner blocks are set on an angle which I kind of liked.

The quilting gave me some trouble. First I quilted in the ditch. And then I decided to quilt a crosshatch. Well, I used the quilt guide from my machine and I ended up with wavy lines. So I picked out a good bit of those. Then I decided to draw the lines on. I should have done that from the beginning. Oh, well, trial and error. 

One thing I learned about some of these tshirts. A few have what I call "paint" on the shirt. After sewing through a couple, I finally figured out to sew up to the paint part, backstitch and cut the thread. Then jump over the paint part (such as this Spirit Band above) and then begin sewing again. 

I'm glad it's done and presented to my nephew! 
Here's a couple more photos.

This is a XL Twin size quilt so it should fit his college dorm bed. Or can just be used lounging on the couch.

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