Thursday, April 6, 2017

Quarter 2 Goals

I actually forgot about the Quarter 1 Goals link up. Oh, well, I think I only finished one from my original list anyway. Following are my Quarter 2 Goals:

1.) #9 Frivol Small Table Quilt
2.) Dash in the Box quilt.
3.) One of these Baskets to use on our Camper.
4.) This quilt still needs the binding added. So that should be easy.
5.) I would like to sew this Baggalista to use when I go camping.
6.) Finish this Frivol. I do have it started.
7.) I would like to sew this apple pouch. Maybe I will get it done.
8.) One or both of these Minis.
Linking up my Q2 Goals. Q2 Finish Along at She Can Quilt

Dash in the Box Blocks

For my April OMG, I would like to finish the remainder of the blocks for this quilt.
I think this is a unique geometric-shaped quilt, so I am sewing this for my son. I have one set of the blocks sewn and would like to finish the rest for the quilt top by the end of the month. 
I am using very similar colors as this magazine pattern. I think my son will like it for his couch.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Elvis Poolside Tote

I decided to sew another Poolside Tote because I used my other one a lot for the past 2 Summers. It is a nice size to carry a few towels and other necessary stuff. I've had this Elvis fabric in my stash for a while so I thought it would work for this beach bag.
 I used Annie's Soft n Stable and quilted straight lines so it does stand up on its own.

 I thought it turned out pretty cute.  
The lining was getting on my nerves because it didn't want to sit in the bag well, even though I had trimmed off more at the top to fit. I think the fabric was just too flimsy for this large of a bag. I think I should have interfaced the lining and it would have made it stiffer. It will work fine, though. I am going to tack it a couple places through the seams.
This is the inside slip pocket.

And this is the inside zip pocket. I used these "crowns" for The King.
This Elvis beach bag was on my March One Monthly Goal. And here was my Original Post 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Frivolous Purchase

Trying to work my way through these Frivols that I purchased. I bought these monthly, but of course, I did not have the time to sew them. The fabric is very pretty for this Little  Miss Sunshine Frivol which was #9. It is kind of "Springy" so it should look nice for Easter.
I think it is a cute design and I ended up with a lot of triangles that possibly I can use for something later on. I thought that if I don't use them as triangles, I can cut them into small squares.

I didn't purchase the backing fabric, but I have plenty in my stash that should look ok. I would like to finish quilting it in a few weeks so that I can use it for a gift.
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Friday, March 3, 2017

March One Monthly Goal

I have been wanting to sew another Poolside Tote by Noodlehead for a while, so I decided to make this project my March OMG.

This is the Elvis fabric that I thought would make a kind of fun and quirky bag to carry in Summer.
After all, Elvis is The King.

I enjoyed sewing my initial Poolside Tote and I used it constantly in Summer.  It is really a great size to throw a few towels in to take on our boat or swimming. Plus, the pattern is great and comes together nicely. Since I've sewn this in the past, I should be able to accomplish this goal.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Completed February Goal

My goal for February was to get this quilt top quilted.
I'm happy to say that I did get it quilted. My original post is here: February OMG. The basting and quilting went quite fast. I drew the crosshatch lines with my Mark B Gone pen.

I made a scrappy binding out of the leftover fabric. Also, I used a backing that I already had at home. So really, this quilt was pretty inexpensive for me, especially since I had won the fat quarters in a blog hop.  Hopefully, this will make a comfy, couch quilt.

Linking to OMG at Elm Street Quilts

Saturday, February 4, 2017

OMG February Goal

I have been debating on a couple of One Monthly Goal's for February, but I guess I will stick with quilting my recently completed quilt top.
I don't want it folded up and sitting on my cedar chest staring at me. So I am choosing this as my OMG for February -- to have this quilted by the end of February. Usually, the quilting is fun but sometimes I just dread basting the back and batting to the quilt top. I just have to bite the bullet and get on with it.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Completed OMG for January 2017

My One Monthly Goal for January was to complete this quilt top. This was my  OMG January Post.
These are just fussy-cut squares. I used a pattern "Love Patchwork and Quilting". There was a neat way of sewing the scrappy squares. They were sewn in strips and then you pick the strips out randomly for 6 squares each. It does make the pieces all different to attach to the center square.

I think it turned out pretty cute. And hopefully, I can get this quilted soon.
I am linking up my finish to One Monthly Goal at Elm Streets Quilts

I, also, sewed this Flora Supply Case for a sew along. It turned out cute and I will be able to use it on my camping trips. I like to take along some hand-sewing items to work on in my camper.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Q1 Finish Along List

Joining on the Q1 Finish Along at Rhonda's Quilt Ramblings. Following is my list:

1.) This Frivol #4. I have the top completed so it needs quilted and bound.
2.) This Forest Friends quilt that I have started. Working on the top for my January OMG, so I would like to have the whole quilt completed by the end of Quarter 1.
3.) I bought Flora Supply Case for this Sew Along. I haven't purchased a couple items yet, but would like to sew it.  
4.) I have this quilt all cut out so I want to start working on it. It will be a gift for my son. He needs a new lap quilt.

5.) I would like to sew this Frivol #9 possibly for a gift for my Mom or my sister.

6.) Frivol #5 possibly as a gift, also.

7.) Valentine Table Runner - I am starting on this and would like to get it done for Valentine's Day.
8.) Apple Pouch from  Playful Little Paper Pieced Projects- This has been on my list for a while to sew. I would like to get around to it.
9.) Elvis Poolside Tote. I have made one these before and it does go together quickly so maybe I can get it done. Elvis is The King, after all. 
10.) Baggalista Bag. I definitely need a new bag to carry and I really like this style. I like bags that are cross-body so that I can just grab what I need out of it. I'd like to put a quilt block on the front, but haven't chosen exactly what yet.
11.) One or both of these Minis I would like to work on.
12.) Would like to sew some of these Hazel Pouches. I just love it and can use some fabric that I have collected. These would make nice gifts, also to put away for down the road.
13.) Might possibly sew one or 2 of these Phoebe Phone and ID cases, too.
I think I have enough to work on! These Winter months I am in the house, anyway, so why not?

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Adelaide Bag

I finished this cute pouch for a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law. I followed the pattern in Amy Friend's Intentional Piecing Book

This was #9 on my Q4 Finish Along List so I am posting to Q4 Finishes at Clover and Violet.

OMG January

Since a new year is starting, I'm picking out a project that I've had on my list for a while. This is cute fabric from Hawthorne Threads. It was cool that I won this fabric in a blog hop that Clover and Violet had, so I would like to sew this quilt with it. The quilt uses fussy cut squares which should work with some of these prints.
All that I've done so far is to cut out a few of the fussy cut squares so a realistic monthly goal for me would be to have the quilt top sewn by the end of January. I am linking this to Elm Street Quilts OMG January