Sunday, May 7, 2017

Blooming Quilters 2017

Hello and Welcome to my blog. My name is Danette and I live in Pennsylvania, south of Pittsburgh. I am fortunate to participate in the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop. I am in The Blooming Quilters Hive. One of the members of our hive created this great button:
Yvonne was our fantastic host.  Yvonne at Quilting JetGirl has encouraged us and offered assistance for a couple of months with our blogs. Also, Leanne at She Can Quilt and Beth at Cooking Up Quilts have new bloggers in their hives.  Please check out everyone's blog. It's a great way to follow new quilting bloggers.

I have been posting to my blog for a couple years, but it seemed that I couldn't quite get the hang of some things. A few others from my hive reviewed my blog and offered some advice. From their suggestions, I was able to make a few improvements and learned some new things.

I have always loved handmade items, so about 12 years ago, I decided to learn to quilt. I purchased Learning to Quilt Book and just kind of taught myself. Sewing and quilting is kind of a stress reliever for me. Following are some of the quilts I have completed:

This is "Checkers" quilt from Fons & Porter, Love of Quilting Magazine. This was one of the first fully-completed quilts that I made. It was completely done on my small Singer sewing machine. I definitely struggled with the quilting on that little sewing machine. About 4 years ago, I bought a more expensive Brother machine and sewed these:

Log Cabin Star Quilt
Frivol I recently completed

Quilt I made for my Mom

I like to use my walking foot for quilting. I just purchased a new book Walk by Jacquie Gering. She gives lots of options for quilt designs using your walking foot. I am going to start working some of her suggestions into my quilting.

 I have become kind of a quilt magazine and pattern junky. I have them scattered around my house so that I can glance through them. I generally don't give them away, either. If you are like me, my tip is to buy those "sticky flags". When I look through my magazines, I put a colored flag on the patterns that I like. That way, I can find what I'm looking for faster. I have them color-coded to size of quilt. 

Also, I enjoy making bags. I like to include quilt blocks or piecing and/or quilting in my bags. Following are a few of my bags:

Downton Abbey bag

 Teapot pouch

Quilted Bag
I hope you have enjoyed my Blooming Quilters Meet 'N Greet post. Feel free to leave me a message. You can let me know if you are a quilt magazine and pattern addict, too.  You can follow me, too, if you'd like.

In closing, if you are wondering about the name of my blog - Some people call me Nettie and my cat's name is Lucky. Here she is amongst the tulips.

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