Saturday, February 24, 2024

Buzzing Along

 The theme for the 4th Challenge of Project Quilting is Hourglass. It didn't have to be the typical hourglass block, but that is what I decided to sew. I chose to make a pin cushion this week. I do like to have extra pin cushions around my sewing machine. 

I used 4 1/2 blocks from this Trinket Quilt Pattern

I had a small amount of this bee fabric left and some woodgrain fabric so I decided to put them together.

I added this label to the bottom just because I liked how it fit.

I am linking my completed Hourglass pin cushion before the challenge expires. Many thanks to Kim and Trish for these fun challenges. And, in the end, I have a useful and fun pin cushion.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

What a Basket Case

 I have made quite a few of these Divided Baskets through the years. Usually, I give them as an extra gift if I have sewn a baby quilt. I like to put the diapers in them and, to me, it makes the gift more fun. Plus it matches the quilt and I can use more of the fabric. Following are a couple:

Nettie Sews and Lucky Quilts: Ring Around the Rosy quilt and Divided Basket

Nettie Sews and Lucky Quilts: Sending my Baby Shower gift through UPS

I just decided one day last week to sew this one. In reality, this fabric sat in my stash FOREVER and I just wanted to use it up. Every time I happened to see it, I would just cringe about when am I ever going to use these fat quarters? I just winged it and pieced the panels in any old fashion.

It took me probably 3 days. I like to let the fabric sit and dry overnight after adhering the interfacing. It is usually still a little damp, plus, I like to re-iron it again to get any creases or bubbles out. 

Basket Back

I have been using this basket, so far, for storing some of my dvds. I do still watch (and buy) dvds. They are convenient to me because I can just pause them or whatever. I added this label with my name to the inside because I am keeping this basket. If I was giving it away, I don't know that I want a label with my name on it on the basket.

Divided Inside

This little label was added to the front. I have accumulated a big variety of labels so I am enjoying adding them to smaller items like this. 

Melva at Melva Loves Scraps has recently visited my blog. So I am added this finish to Sew & Tell

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be, also.

 I finished this Heart Drawstring Bag for my Sister-in-law. Her birthday is today, February 13. I can usually remember her Birthday because it is around Valentine's Day. I thought the Heart Bag was appropriate for today.

On the back, I added a "LOVE" label. I think it just adds a little something to a small project.

I made a couple of these Butterfly pouches a few weeks ago so I gave this one to her. It just fit into the Heart Bag. She does seem to like the pouches I have made and given to her previously. They are very useful.

Linking my finished Heart bag and zipper pouch to From Bolt to Beauty Beauties Pageant

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Flipping out for a Pencil Pouch

The theme for Project Quilting #3 is Inside Out. I decided to sew a Pencil Pouch since you pull it through from the from the inside to the outside. The completed Pencil Pouch looks like this before turning:

Once flip-flopped through to the other side, now Presenting my Pretty, Pieced, Pencil Pouch.

I added a label to the back for extra Pizazz.

Thanks so much Kim and Trish for having these fun and fanciful quilt challenges.