Sunday, January 22, 2023

Pleasantly Plump, Predominately Pink Pillow

I decided to work on Challenge #2: Pink Tint this week. I was able to finish this Predominantly Pink Pillow just in time.  

This is a pattern/kit from Sew Lux Fabric. I have had this kit since last January 2022.  And, of course, it was not completed. So I pulled it out and started on it at the beginning of this week. I now have a pillow to use for Valentine's Day this year. I have completed quite a few of pillow kits from Sew Lux and I do enjoy using them throughout the year.

Friday, April 1, 2022

My Game Plan for Planview

I finished my Quilt top for The Planview Quilt Along at Quilting JetGirl. It was a windy day, as we are having quite frequently, but I was able to get a few photos with my quilt top laying in the yard.

I sewed the Twin Size quilt which is a very nice size - approximately 80" x 96".  I should be able to use this on my camper bed when it is quilted.  At first, I was not happy with the darker navy blues that I used in the corners, but it has grown on me. I wanted to use mostly fabrics that I already had in my house, which I am happy that I did. 

 I am linking my quilt top to the Planview completed linkup. Many thanks to Quilting JetGirl for this annual Quilt along. I like how this quilt along is spread out over several months so I can work on it when I have some extra time. 

Saturday, March 19, 2022

A Starry Dish-drying mat

 I finished the Flying Geese challenge in time for the Final Challenge of Project Quilting. Unfortunately, I was unable to participate in #4 and #5. However, I did complete challenges 1, 2, 3 and 6 this year.  Here is my completed Dish Drying mat with 8 flying geese.  The challenge was to incorporate at least 5 flying geese into your project. The big star and the little star both have 4 flying geese each.

I used some Bonnie and Camille scraps I've had since completing a quilt a few years ago. I used this Moda toweling for the backing.  

Many thanks to Kim at Persimon Dreams for hosting these challenges each year! I have gotten a few things completed during the weeks of the challenges.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Kitchen Concoction complete.

 I have made many of these Dish-drying mats through the past 5 years or so. The theme for The 3rd challenge at Project Quilting is Kitchen Influence. I decided to make another dish-drying mat. It really can be just used as a table mat. 

I used Moda toweling on the back to be a little absorbent.  I ordered a variety of yardage of Moda toweling from an online quilt shop to use for the backs of my mats. 

This really can just be used as a table mat, of course. My orchids are in bloom.

I have 3 orchids (and 1 cat). This orchid below needs repotted, but I will wait until the blooms drop to do that. You can see, a lot of the roots are all hanging outside of the pot.

Finished another challenge of making a quilt within 1 week. I am posting to Challenge 13.3.