Thursday, March 30, 2017

Elvis Poolside Tote

I decided to sew another Poolside Tote because I used my other one a lot for the past 2 Summers. It is a nice size to carry a few towels and other necessary stuff. I've had this Elvis fabric in my stash for a while so I thought it would work for this beach bag.
 I used Annie's Soft n Stable and quilted straight lines so it does stand up on its own.

 I thought it turned out pretty cute.  
The lining was getting on my nerves because it didn't want to sit in the bag well, even though I had trimmed off more at the top to fit. I think the fabric was just too flimsy for this large of a bag. I think I should have interfaced the lining and it would have made it stiffer. It will work fine, though. I am going to tack it a couple places through the seams.
This is the inside slip pocket.

And this is the inside zip pocket. I used these "crowns" for The King.
This Elvis beach bag was on my March One Monthly Goal. And here was my Original Post 

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